Media agency selection process

//Media agency selection process
Media agency selection process2016-10-15T17:20:32+00:00

1) Orientation in your individual problem

2) Long list and short list of media agencies

3) Preparation for the commission of the selection process (RFP = request for proposal)

4) Addressing media agencies

5) Formulating answers regarding any media agencies questions

6) Evaluation of outputs, recommendation for personal presentations of the individual agencies

7) Hosting agencies‘ presentations, its evaluation and ranking establishment

8) Preparation of the contract outline with authorised agency

Two cups of coffee

Let us try, over a cup of coffee, to discuss the options of any cooperation.
I am sure I will be useful to you in increasing the efficiency of your advertising investments.

Pavol mi opakovane ukázal, že plánovanie a nákup médií je umenie podložené číslami…
Philippe Moreels, ČSA
Great passion for effective ideas and very little tolerance for mistakes or nonsense…
Jan Binar, McCann
Thanks to his great sense of detail he can discover things that you would never think about…
Tomáš Jaroš, ČSOB
He is one of the few who are able to think about the content and the real impact of a campaign…
Ivo Mešťánek, ČSOB
Pavol participated in preparation and evaluation of the mediaagency pitch process…
Lenka Janouchová, Fortuna
I highly recommend Pavol as independent Media Manager. He is a great expert in his field…
Daniel Šturm, Česká spořitelna
Na Pavlovi oceňuju jeho odborné znalosti a zkušenost ze strany klienta…
Radim Ochman, Maspex
Jeho konzultácie pomohli Poštovej banke s kompletným procesom mediálneho tendru…
Daniel Bradáč, Poštová banka
Pavol Mačinga nabízí mimořádnou kombinaci kreativity a matematické exaktnosti…
Ilona Miková, MŠMT