Connection with advertising, connection with Milan Hladký

//Connection with advertising, connection with Milan Hladký
Connection with advertising, connection with Milan Hladký2016-10-15T17:20:46+00:00

Mačinga & Hladký is a joint brand of the companies Mačinga Media, s. r. o., (Managing Director Pavol Mačinga) and AD VISION Consulting s.r.o. (Managing Director Milan Hladký). It seems that it has never been so easy to make a bargain or waste money on advertising as now! People’s attention is so split that for an efficient advertising it is essential to join the media and creative components.

The connection of experience and expertise of Pavol Mačinga and Milan Hladký at the beginning of 2012 is a logical reaction to the direction of advertising development both home and abroad. We have thus brought together our client, media and advertising experience to serve our clients efficiently in times when advertising is changing its established rules and success depends on ability to flexibly respond to all changes. With disappearing media separation, the classical work distribution between media and advertising agencies is disappearing, too. A strong need and desire to create outside the borders of present possibilities is apparent on both sides: media agencies look for new contents for new media while media agencies explore new media to covey their messages.

As a result, it is ever more common that advertisers address the media mix concurrently with a media and advertising agency. We belief that resources invested in advertising bring most fruit if the media and creative strategy are a result of mutual inspiration of “media” and “creative” teams rather than prepared individually.

Two cups of coffee

Let us try, over a cup of coffee, to discuss the options of any cooperation.
I am sure I will be useful to you in increasing the efficiency of your advertising investments.