We help Czech & Slovak advertisers to use media investment more effectively.

Welcome, my name is Pavol Mačinga. I have been working in media since 1994. I am founder and Managing Director of a consulting company Macinga Media (Macinga.com, s.r.o.). We help advertisers, through more efficient cooperation with media and with media agencies, to use media investment more effectively. While dealing with media agencies and media Macinga Media solely represents the interests of advertisers. Unlike in the case of media and digital agencies, there is no actual conflict of interest. We do not compete with media agencies and we do not buy any classic media. We are independent consultation company and we concentrate mainly on Czech and Slovak market. The core of our services is media audit and brainstorming, media agency selection, outsourcing media manager, media planning and education. Currently we are auditing and consulting media volumes in the value of more than 1 bilion CZK per year.

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Why tvpricepool.com?

Do you advertise on TV Markíza and / or TV Prima and / or TV Nova and / or TV Joj? Their price lists are less clear and unmatched each year. For example, four televisions have four different basic CPP definitions, sad. And many other price lists as well as other parameters. And what about the previous year? What about comparison with other bidders? Naturally with comparable parameters. More information here.

Proč tvpricepool.com?

Inzerujete na TV Markíza a / nebo TV Prima a / nebo TV Nova a / nebo TV Joj? Jejich ceníky jsou každým rokem méně přehledné a vzájemně nesrovnatelné. Například čtyři televize mají čtyři odlišné definice base CPP, smutné. A spoustu dalších ceníkových, jakož i ostatních parametrů. A co srovnání s předchozím rokem? A co srovnání s ostatními zadavateli? Přirozeně při srovnatelných parametrech. Více informací zde.

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